How to make money online in Canada in 2022

By Nick Robert

This blog post is for you if you have been trying to find out how to make money online in Canada. I’ve summarized all the best ways to make money online so you can start immediately!

Why you should start to make money online

With inflation at 40-year highs, everyone could use a little extra money in their bank account. Making money online is one of the best ways to supplement or replace your income entirely. There have never been this many different ways to make money online in Canada, so get working on making more money today!

Benefits of making money online

  • Can work from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Low barrier to entry

  • Create your own schedule

  • Lots of resource materials are readily available

  • Supplement your primary income

How to earn money online

There are many different ways to earn money online. Some methods require your time (like filling out surveys), while others are more passive (like selling online courses).

Option 1 – Create and sell online courses

Do you have a particular skill that others would benefit from learning? Then you can create and sell online courses. Many different platforms help you make, market and sell courses online.

My top picks for creating and selling online courses are:

  1. Udemy – They help you plan, record and market your online courses
  2. Thinkific – Create, market and sell your knowledge by creating an online course with Thinkific
  3. Teachable – Great platform to help creators build courses

There are many options to build an online course that will help you make money online in Canada. These are my top picks to start making extra money quickly and efficiently.

Option 2 – Become an online teacher with Skillshare


Skillshare is a platform that lets you teach others in areas you are knowledgeable about. This is a great way to make extra money online in Canada. You can earn extra cash right away! Most teachers earn up to $200 in the first month and can quickly turn this into a few extra thousand per month if you stick with it.

Option 3 – Get paid to complete online surveys

If you don’t mind spending your free time completing online surveys, this is an easy way of making money online. This is an excellent option as you do not need any particular skills, and there are no start-up costs, assuming you already have a device and an internet connection.

The downside is that it is pretty dull, and most survey sites only pay a few dollars per online survey completed.

Here are my top options for paid surveys:

  1. Survey Junkey – They have the highest payouts compared to other survey sites and are a great way to earn cash rewards
  2. Swagbucks – This popular site lets you earn extra cash by participating in market research by completing surveys. Swagbucks also has other ways for you to earn extra money by simply scanning receipts or shopping online
  3. Branded Surveys – This Canada-based company can help you make a few extra bucks by just completing surveys and doing simple tasks online
Online Surveys

Option 4 – Start an online e-commerce store & sell products online


Do you want to own your own business? It’s easier than ever to open an e-commerce store through the help of companies like Shopify. They help you set up a beautiful-looking online dropshipping store that is easy to maintain. You can sell your own products or take advantage of their existing stores that let you make custom t-shirts or coffee mugs.

It’s easier than ever before to open an online store. More and more people are shopping online than ever before. If you don’t want to open your own online store but have your own products, you can sell them on Facebook marketplace or any other online marketplace and make decent money.

Option 5 – Become a virtual assistant

If you have experience as an assistant, you could make even more money working remotely as a virtual assistant. Even better, you could simultaneously be a virtual assistant for multiple clientsand, double or triple your income! Make sure you can handle the additional workload that comes with more clients. Click here to learn more about becoming a Virtual assistant in Canada.

virtual assistant

Option 6 – Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be a great way to build an online platform. You can make money through ads on a video, ads in videos or through affiliate marketing opportunities on your videos.

This is a great way to unlock multiple streams of revenue eventually. Unfortunately, running a YouTube channel is not like get-rich-quick schemes – it requires a lot of dedication and work to succeed.

Option 7 – Sell stock photos

stock photos

Do you have a knack for photography? Put your skills to use and sell stock photos online. Companies like Alamy make it easy to sell your photos and share in the commission.

Option 8 – Start an affiliate marketing blog

When people think of blogging, they usually think of someone writing about their passion. However, you can treat blogging like a business and make great money online in Canada. The concept is simple:

  1. Create your own website
  2. Create blog posts around items that have affiliate marketing opportunities
  3. Learn about search engine optimization to rank higher in search engine results
affiliate marketing blog

Blogs are online businesses with low operating costs and can be a source of passive income. Don’t want to write? Outsource writing blog posts on Fiver.

Option 9 – Do freelance work on Fiverrr

Fiver freelance work

Are you looking to do freelance work? Fiver is a great way to sell your skills and build a freelance platform. While you may start billing at a lower rate, you can charge higher rates if you do good work.

Option 10 – Put your extra money in a high interest savings account

Is extra cash in your primary bank account earning less than 0.1%? That’s just losing value. Hubert Financial has a high interest savings account that makes you much more than a regular savings account.

The saving rate fluctuates with the prime interest rate. As of September 2022, you can earn 2.65% annually. Hubert is a regulated credit union, and all deposits are guaranteed without limit by the deposit guarantee Corporation of Manitoba. Just know that you will need seven days to withdraw your funds, and instead of earning 0.1% or less, make significantly more on your liquid cash.


This is just the start of all the ways to earn extra money online in Canada. So start looking into the area that best fits your needs and start making money! Once you get started, be sure to maximize your usage of credit cards to lower your expenses. Click here for more info on Canada’s best cash back credit cards in Canada. You can use the new income stream to pay down debt and increase your credit score.

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