I’m Nick and I like personal finance

I have always had a passion for Finance and I want to help others

I’ve known that I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant since I was a kid. It’s boring, I know, but I knew it would help me achieve my goals. I want to help you achieve yours.

Growing up, I lived on a family operated farm. While I learned a lot about farming, I learned more about business and finance. I didn’t want to work with my hands, I wanted to work with my mind.

I took this small business mindset and worked for an accounting firm after university, helping other small business owners like my parents. However, this was incredibly boring and I knew I couldn’t do it forever. I left public accounting and worked for large manufacturing companies for several years.

During this time, I still wasn’t happy and I started getting passionate about personal finance. I devoured YouTube content and started investing in Real Estate, the stock market and other passive income investments. This was when I realized there is a lot more to life than working for a large company.

I created this blog to help teach financial concepts to everyone. I want to teach people how to manage their finances, get out of debt, and grow there investments. Talking about money can be scary, but it shouldn’t be. The more we can learn about money, the more in control we can be of our lives.